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Cateye Protection - can build wall but no floor?

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Hi, title says most of it ;)
Build near an highway, the walls where no problem. After finishing the house, i wanted to add flooring. But it says [11:34:32] You are not allowed to add ground flooring to a highway.


Heres a screenshot:


Is it possible to build the flooring by any means? Or to prevent building in the first place?


Edit; found an typo...
PS.: English aint my main languange, so please dont blame me if there are more ;)

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I tried lewie's configuration, and it does seem inconsistent. In my test, the highway is 2-tile wide, and the tiles nearby are dirt. View protection shows only 2x2 as expected, and it allows you to do anything to the tiles to the south, including building a house and creating a 40 slope. Creating a 40 slope is interesting because it clearly doesn't check the tile for highway restrictions.

But for some reason it doesn't allow you to add floor to the house.




[12:06:45] Test only:Protected: center, north, west and northwest

The tile of the house is south.


Edited to add:

[12:12:20] <Iewie> (Xan) Just realised i cant build an roof on the tiles i cant build an floor.... :(

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