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[SOLD][CLOSE PLS] WTS Scroll of binding

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Like the title says want to sell 1 charge  Scroll of binding. It's a last charge so it can be stored for later use if you are waiting for some title but want this as well.

Accepting serious offers via pm on forum. Paying will be in silver coins or via paypal in euros(all fees on buyer) from reputable players. If you pay in silvers i don't care who you are :P


[20:54:59] A parchment roll inscribed with symbols that glow faintly as you eye them. You have a hard time refraining from reading as you feel that it will change your inner being. It has one charge left.


  • Spell granted: Karma Slow (Slows Attack Speed)
  • Resistance: Crush 15% (Decreases crush damage taken by 15%)
  • Weakness: Slash 10% (Increases slash damage taken by 10%)


And you also get title Spellbinder :)


P.S. Due to enormous value of item i require only trade in person in case of trading for silvers, will travel anywhere beside Chaos or if you wanna come I even have place ready for using it at Deli..

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