Cannot make a public server (stuck on LAN)

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As the title suggests, I am having issues making my dedicated server. I have the ports required activated, and all of the relevant needed information filled out in the server settings, however I cannot get the game to move from LAN to internet. My ports are most certainly open; I checked both with my ISP and my router configurations directly, but no dice. reset my router, uninstalled and reinstalled the game and dedicated server launcher, etc. can someone either A) help me figure out what I am doing wrong, or B) give me a step by step process on how to troubleshoot? the walkthroughs and various info I have looked for are literally useless, none of the dozens of pages I have visited have solved my problem :(

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Possible your  ISP is blocking the port that the server is using.

Has anyone outside your home network tried uing direct connect to your server?

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On 6/9/2018 at 5:58 PM, Ascorbic said:

Are you able to connect to it locally via the Lan?

I am able to connect locally as well as to other sessions, I have also followed the server administration guide to the letter, and ensured that the ports are open by going into my ip and forwarding the needed tcp udp port ranges. 

Furthermore as I mentioned in another thread I have zero problem hosting on other games that use the exact same port ranges. Wurm unlimited is the only one I have problems with. I hosted on ark and conan since I posted this thread, zero issues.

As much as I am hoping that there is something I have overlooked, I am fairly certain my issue is client side and has to do with a rare launcher issue, though I cannot imagine what seeing as I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice already.

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I only can repeat myself:

If you can't fix this problem on your own you should not be running a server. Even if you can solve this with a lot of help, more and more problems will come up and your frustration will increase while it will reach a point where you will just give up and all your work and time is lost. Just my recommendation for you.


Maybe you want to provide some screenshots from your router showing which ports have been forwarded. Just telling us it is not working will not lead to a solution.

Can your direct connect via your public IP?

Can you direct connect via an IP in your LAN?

Which OS are you using?

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I have to agree that being able to set up a server should not be limited to a very few with "elite" professional knowledge.  I seem to recall at one point at least one dev saying the servers were never intended to be high population commercial grade "mega servers" run by a few professionals, but instead were meant to be more casually operateed "family and friends" servers.  And from my own experience, I found the current system to be exquisitely painful, and I would hope more dev time goes into making it a more intuitive and more workable process.  


There are a lot of games out there that do make the same process much less problematic, and maybe devs could look at these other games to see where they need to imrpove, if WU is to be seen as a "professional quality game" rather than a hobby endeavor by unpaid volunteers   (for all i know, that is exactly what it is, I do not know whether   devs on WU are paid professionals or just extremely taleented fans donating their time).  Games made purely by fans for the love for the game will get less rigid judgment, but also of course are expected to not cost the same as those by a large polished dev team. So its a tradeoff and I do not know where Code Club envisions itself -- as extremely talented amateurs, or as polished professionals. 




That and of course my other two "wishes" for future dev love:

  • an intuitive and well designed GUI interface, and 
  • an intuitive and well designed tutorial.


If devs say all three of those are currently in active development and on their "highest priority" list, I would be very pleased.   




Players offering tech advice are not under the same obligations as professional devs, However, replying to requests for help with snarky responses may be satisfying in the moment, but that is exactly how a game gets negative reviews and a poor reputation among Steam gamers, and a rep that other players should "stay the hell away from this game". So it does no favors at all to the rest of us who love the game.  People who are frustrated are indeed going to be bad tempered and even hostile and even though it is only human to reply in kind, it actually does not make you look any "smarter" for replying in negative ways. I know, I have done it myself, and I have very often wished I could go back and delete those posts where I did so.   Just saying this for future thought.


I agree that someone who struggles with the technical bits should not be trying to run "competitive" professional-type large public servers, but certainly people only wanting to make casual, private passworded "family and friends" setups should not be as frustrated by the process as they currently are.


Going back and looking at Rolf's initial presentation of WU to the community, it was sold as a more casual way for friends to play together, and not as an outlet for the "best and brightest" to make large (and possibly profitable" megaservers that the rest of us are "allowed" to play on.   


Wurm has never really had much of a "tech support" staff at all, and any tech help has always come mostly from the player community itself. It's regretful and Wurm is certainly NOT the only game like that -- even extremely large, well financed game studios like Bethesda are really not any better. It's sad but true. 


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