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Book Improvements

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I am so excited about having books in game. I started playing around with them immediately and I noticed some things that may improve the system in the future.


It would be great to have:

  • The ability to secure books onto the surface they sit on.
  • Locks that would allow you perms to restrict people from removing pages, read pages, and managing the item. I had an idea to make cookbooks for visitors to my Inn but I don't want them to take out the recipes, read them, and use them up forever.
  • A multi line inscription display along with the ability to enter in line breaks.
  • Be able to use a wider selection of characters. For instance, I cannot use question marks in my text right now.
  • Have rarity affect the number of pages a book can hold and the number of characters a page can hold.
  • The ability to get an abbreviated preview of the inscribed page when you hover over it with your mouse.


Thanks again for a great update. I will enjoy playing around with the new books to see what I can do with them. :D



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