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Stonewall: Bulk, rares, gems, and much more.

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Welcome to Port Royal's 'Stonewall', found @ K-9 on Exodus.

Stock gets updated once a week, usually on fridays, sometimes more frequently.


Welcome to my warehouse on the docks, the place to go when you can't find the bulk items you need.

Bulk items: If you ever need something that isn't in stock, drop me a /tell, or a pm here on the forums, we fill orders at discounted pricing rates.

Rare items, vintage items, and moon metals: The prices are highly negotiable, and although you're encouraged to make an offer, it's okay to ask me for a price.

Gems: They're being sold at the lowest we're willing to go, sorry if you don't like the price. Total desired price is 14s 76c for all gems, 1s for star diamond.


Current bulk stock:


Prices are negotiable if you're buying a large amount.

Stone bricks - 4.1k in stock, 1.8s / 1k

Mortar - 1k in stock, 1.8s / 1k

Concrete - 100 in stock, 95c / 100


Delivery service benefits and disclaimers


Pick-up benefits:

  • If you decide to pick up, you can get up to:
    • 5-15% discount (depending on how much stuff you're buying)
    • Maybe a few silvers off if it's a pretty huge order
    • Some bonus free junk we have lying around, disguised as a gift
      • Pickup disclaimers: depends on what you're buying, and how much. Remember, it's always okay to ask questions.


Deliver benefits:

  • Delivery is free for orders 2s or more to coastal cities. If it's under 2s, a flat 5c is added to cost.
    • This can vary for xanadu coastal cities because the map border is so wide, and we can negotiate a fair price.
  • If you're not coastal and meet me half-way, the delivery cost can be halved or even dropped entirely.
    • PS: You should probably let me know you're planning on meeting me before I start sailing.


Delivery disclaimers:

  • I don't deliver to chaos, or any pvp server if the devs decide to add others.
  • If you're farther in-land, delivery pricing can vary or be impossible depending on how far I can travel in my corbita. (Sorry, I'm too poor to buy a knarr). This means:
    • You may have to meet me where I get stuck, such as at a canal or too shallow of water.
    • Delivery price might go up if I have to navigate a maze to get to you.
    • The pricing can vary between 2c to 8c per in-game map grid (excluding ocean tiles), depending on how large the map itself is (8x8, 16x16, or 32x32 kilometers). If you're in-land and I'm making a delivery to you, we'll talk about any delivery fees before I begin to sail.



Rares (including vintage items, sleep powders, event items, blood, and dragon leather)







Desired price: 65i per ql for above 10, 1.5c per ql for below 10, in total: 14s 76c.

Star diamond can be bought separately for 1s


Moon metals (including lumps and armor)




Enchanted tools



We're clearing out some tools that we don't use anymore, pay half the value of the enchantment (ie 80 enchant costs 40c)

Feel free to message me in game with 'tell Gobab', leave me a pm on the forums, or post in the thread.

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Firework, 1s to Shrimpiie please!

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