The Honestly Greedy Trade Port (LYE SELLER)

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Honestly Greedy Trade Port part of the Two Silvers deed


Pickup or local delivery of items at L12 Xanadu.


Send a message here or in game.


The mailbox has been upgraded to 94 so it should be much faster.


For items in full small barrels the cod should be around 10c I've only tested lye so far.


LYE in Full Small Barrels - Can be mailed

40ql                  20c each 35 in stock



Stone Bricks 30ql or better  2k 2s/k

Stone Slabs under 10ql 200 1s/100



Clay 48ql 1k 1s/k




Brown Cow's Milk

20c each                  1 in stock


Sheep's Milk

20c each                 1 in stock



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