Excessive Pelt Damage

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Iv been noticing excessive Damage on my pelt(s) have increase quite a bit over the last 4-5 weeks.   My 100ql pelt iv had it since i was around 74 FC im now over 99.9800+ Fine Carpentry and it had maybe 14 damage from all of that use. its over 30 damage now after just a few weeks so i tested a brand new 100ql pelt with zero damage and its over 20 damage after 1 week of usage. iv asked many creditable players to check this out and they agree its  been changed i did not see this in any updates can this be addressed?  Seems to be .01 damage to pelt every 5-8 imps depending on quality of pelt  vs .01 damage every 500 imps like it use to be. 


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