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Mobile Wurm Aplication

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I am not sure this is even posible to crate (probably not) but i always think would be nice to have a part of wurm always in my pocket.


I wish we had some application for wurm on android or iOS phones something like more advance craft window just to process material and improve item.

It must be connected to wurm server. I think we can have some item like workstatnion build in regular wurm where we can put materials and item for improving or process at android phone aplication.

Imagine we can make brick or plank at phone or just imp some item previosly prepeared at thouse special place. It will use are login password and grind skills from our character and block login of that toon in regular game.

It can have some adwert to support the game and paid no advert in silver or real money or just free to use.


I just found it stupid to open my PC everytime i stand in one place and imp some things all day long :) So this is my lazy idea for wurm.



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I do this with my ipad using remotr, but its pretty clunky. Likely impossible to use on a phone

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