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Price Checks on Wort and Ilromov

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I have a high level Leatherworker/Cloth Tailor/Carpenter who's also proficient at blacksmithing and a decent Vyn priest who can chop veggies at 100ql and also produce high ql cordage rope for saccing. The crafter has complete tool sets for LW, CT, Carpentry and Blacksmithing, as well as a green drake suit with a steel great helm, and a skill and hatchet combo that regularly produces 90+ql felled trees.


The Crafter:


His inventory: plus about 15s in the bank.


The Priest:


His inventory: plus about 21s in the bank.


Ilromov holds the deed that has about 6s left in the upkeep, but that would probably go better with Wort. Here it is:


In the house, you'll find the usual stuff. Bulk storage units, quality sorted, with lots of butchering stuff, among other things, FSBs ql  sorted full of gardening, foraging, and botanizing stuff, 85ql oakenwood floor loom and spinning wheel. There are several VG Iron veins that produce at least 80+ql iron.


If you have any more questions, just ask away.

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Both are the same dumps 

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