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Port Catnip is recruiting!

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Port Catnip is a quiet village next to the bay at p20 on the in-game map. I'm currently the only resident living there so lots of room for new players to join the deed.


It would be great to have someone that can help me with the farms and animals and in return you can live rent free in your own house, have access to any of the materials you need. I can also make most tools, gear and enchants. :)


The deed has farms, 5 speed horses, cows, sheep, a small but mostly useless mine (we stockpile ore or go offdeed to mine). Also have a docks for boat access and we are connected to the highway system. Clay is on a small island just offdeed but requires a boat. Tar is just to the side of the deed. I have several pre-built houses that players can move into as well as help and advice if you are new to the game. Also I enjoy hunting and rifting so I will gladly take any villages along with me to help them train their fighting skills.


Send me a forum PM or contact me ingame on Hexd if you are interested or would like some more information!

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