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Over desert, under stone, a secluded mountain valley home.



Greetings, and welcome to the Oakheart recruitment page.  Thank you for taking the time to swing by...

First off: know that Oakheart is a fairly new settlement located west of Greymead.  She was founded with the intent of becoming a bustling little (or not so little as fate may have it), mining community intent on helping improve commerce and activity around the Greymead area while working to open up a huge network of mountains and valleys west of Greymead that have been largely inaccessible to the average player.  From central Xanadu, we will be the gateway to the West.


Second: know that the settlement is open to any player, new or experienced, that is interested in being part of an active and growing community that is bent on working together to develop the area while exploring and opening up the remote and rustic terrain hidden in the mid-western mountains.  While the settlement itself is located in a beautiful mountain valley perfect for a large community, the valley falls out west from there into very rough and virgin terrain.  What we aim to accomplish is a daunting task. Unless you are content remaining in the tamed settlement area, the location is not for the feint of heart.


Third and lastly: you should know that while the settlement is located in a challenging area, we are still eager to have and work with new players that are learning the game.  If you are a new player and up for the challenge, and you are an active learner, don't let the rustic nature of the settlement discourage you from considering joining our ranks.  We would love to have you and help you advance quickly, and there will be plenty of opportunity to do so.

If you are an experienced player interested in joining and helping the community with its objectives, or if you are just an experienced player that wants to visit and stay at the inn from time to time to help advance our objectives in the interest of an improved Xanadu, you would also be very welcomed to join us.  The inn will be up soon, and non-citizens visiting the area to aid in improving the settlement and surrounding area will soon have a free place to sleep with meals provided.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to know more, and certainly do so if you are interested in joining us in the vast wilderness of central Xanadu.


We look forward to hearing from you...


Thalius ~ Founder and mayor of Oakheart.

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