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*NEW* Alysian Blue 4x/4x PvE ~Dedicated ~ Modded ~ Custom Map

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A year+ in development from initial conception to final product, we are a former Minecraft community that swapped games in early 2017.  We played on other servers, got a firm understanding of what everything was about and then took the plunge into setting this server up.  We've been around in the gaming community since 2004 when we played games like World of Warcraft, SWTOR, Aion, Wildstar, Rift, etc.  The same group has remained mostly intact over the years and that enduring close knit community is now being opened up with our new server in our hopes to bring you the very best experience possible.  We've done everything from hardcore raiding to building amazing things with square blocks and everything in between over that 14 year history together and so we're excited to start our adventure into Wurm as a group and see what all we can come up with in this game.


You will find fair rules, fair staff, and a fair amount of zanny fun to be had with us.  We are *NOT* a pg-13 type of environment.  We won't scold you for saying something naughty -- we'll probably join right in and push the limits of "acceptable".  We're not slapping your hands or holding them either.  Our map is beautiful, but treacherous and not ideal for players new to the game.   If you're looking for flat pastures to build on, nope!  Won't find much of that here.  Flat is boring.  We have mountains.  Lots and lots of mountains.  You'll need a love for digging! and surface mining!  in order to be happy on our map but you'll also find a ton of quality of life changes to balance that.  The days of iron ore every 10 tiles - gone!  Ore distribution has been heavily altered to provide a challenge at the beginning of your adventures with us, but also to give you a very tangible commodity once you find high quality veins of it.


We're a more hardcore group and so our server will reflect that heavily.  Nothing is easy with us.  And if it is, it's an accident on our part and we'll probably fix that once we notice it :D


So if you're up for a bit of work, don't mind a whole lot of laughing and craziness, stop by and check us out.  You'll see the owner online daily and something is usually happening when she gets bored.  Events, random troll invasions, chickens falling from the heavens.  You just never know what to expect from her.  You could kill a rat with a shovel and end up with a magic mirror on the corpse.  We're that kind of people -- and our server reflects that silly side of our personalities so that some of the tedious parts of this game are tempered by our fun environment. 


We look forward to adding you to our family and seeing how often we can make you spit your drink out from laughing at our craziness!








Owner: Ethyrea
Head GM's: Sinsatara and Remington
CA/CM: Louain, Grubgrub, Greenlightning, Laraxaby



Alysian Blue Website

AB Custom Map

AB Discord

Vote for Us!

AB Facebook

AB Twitter

AB Steam Group



About the Server:

  • Opened to the public on May 6, 2018 (open 1 month prior for friends/family during testing and setup)
  • PvE Server hosted in Charlotte, NC on dedicated hardware
  • Daily Backups and Server Restarts
  • 200 Slots
  • 60k Creatures - 30% Aggressive (will increase as server ages)
  • 4096x4096 Custom Map with Extreme Mountains
  • Map auto updates at 6am and 6pm Central
  • Player friendly website with integrated map
  • In game map matches actual server map
  • Discord Relay Chat (*temporarily disabled)
  • Deed Upkeep is Enabled
  • CA Help Tab auto opens for new players
  • 4x Actions,4x Skills
  • Ride horses and use rowboats immediately
  • Fighting starts at 10
  • All other skills start at 1

Cabra - Our New Player Starter Town:

  • Public Mine with Smelters/Forges/Large Anvils
  • Resource Tiles
  • White/Dark Light Altars
  • Practice Dolls to level Fight Skill to 20 before leaving town
  • Cooking, Praying and Tailoring Areas
  • Pumpkin and Cotton Fields for starter food and healing materials
  • GM Merchants
  • New Merchant Village and Inn added 5/20
  • No Trader
  • Bartender
  • Beds in each building
  • Portal to our Capital City (coming soon)

Priest,  Meditation and Spell Changes:

  • No priest restrictions
  • 20 Minute Prayers all day
  • Priests can cast spells from the same light
  • Sermons are disabled
  • Linking is required for high favor casts
  • 30 Minute Meditation Timer all day
  • Bag of Holding
  • Custom Spells

Resources & Ore Changes:

  • Resource tiles provide 5kg each action
  • Tar/Clay/Peat/Moss each node is 1-5 tiles on average
  • Tar/Clay/Peat/Moss are not always easy to find
  • Ore distribution changed to increase value to common ore
  • 50 Hits for each rock tile
  • Up to 70 dirt per tile on the surface (and much lower on mountains)

Loot Changes:

  • No Treasure Chests
  • No Treasure Maps
  • Rift Items found in nature
  • Unique's require specific character conditions in order to receive loot
  • Rarity Odds Increased
  • Higher chance for rare bone during sacrifice
  • Get paid to kill creatures
  • Moonmetals drop from creatures

Our treasure drops directly from creatures.  Kill a mountain lion with a shovel at midnight?  You might find a garden gnome!  You have to go explore and try different things in order to discover all of our little secrets!  Looking for a rare bone? Better work on that fight skill and kill creatures in unusual ways to find the special combination required to trigger a possible drop.

Creature Changes:

  • Normal Animal Aging
  • Taxidermy (uses Karma)
  • Hitching Posts
  • Hitch Animals to Ships
  • Inbreed Warning
  • Hitch Any Animal to Carts/Wagons
  • Animals don't unhitch due to age

Farming, Nature & Teraforming Changes:

  • Many actions can be done from the cart & have faster level actions
  • Improved Action Timers
  • Cultivate/sow/farm/harvest/replant in larger areas as skill goes up
  • Combined piles of harvests
  • Use /seasons in game for additional info on what's ready for harvesting
  • Pick 5 Sprouts instead of just 1
  • No crop rot
  • Salve gets renamed with strength and ingredients

Other Changes:

  • Faster Boats and Carts
  • Faster Mounts that can climb higher slopes
  • BSB Sort by QL
  • Hot items can go into bsb/fsb
  • Loadable mailboxes and belltowers
  • Fire Burn Timer
  • No Build Limit! 
  • No Mail Costs
  • Check Balance Action on Character Screen
  • Move to Center/Corner
  • Place Items on tables/surfaces
  • Player Pets added 5/25
  • Real Time Merchant Information - link in game, on website, or discord!


Backup Policy:

  • Daily Backups at 3am Eastern Time
  • Three days of backups are on the server
  • Older backups are stored offsite at another datacenter
  • The Owner also downloads the daily backup to their personal machine/external drive



Edited by Ethyrea
added additional info
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Added additional facilities at the starting town this week.  Expanded our market place and added a new inn for players just getting started.  Come by and check us out :D  We're a small, quiet community that likes to have a lot of fun!  Always looking for new players to join in with our shenanigans. 



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I'm so looking forward to placing a merchant in the new market! I've been making ton of tools for it!


The new Inn is quite... interesting... O.O

woo woo woo!

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Remember Apano's Wheel of Horror may happen at any time.

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Apano's Wheel of Horror struck! I'm still recovering. Poor darling felines. The Inn was a fun place to explore during my stint at the starter town (which is gorgeous and functional). As they've said before, watch out for the extreme slopes and come prepared to make friends unless you're married to the loner life.

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Joined as Velxir, community was super nice so far. Looking to become one of the first Libila worshippers :)

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I joined this server a few days ago after finding myself in need of a new home and couldn't be happier with my choice. The map is gorgeous and the community very welcoming. The admins have found a great balance of not too hard but not too easy. There are no free deeds/upkeep so you have to earn your way (which I prefer) but also a nice mod list to ease the tedium of vanilla Wurm. The owners have an excellent website and active Discord channel as well as facebook/twitter/steam groups. They have obviously put a lot of time, care and effort into providing players with a great server to enjoy. Anyone looking for a fresh start should come join the fun :)


Kaelynn (in game)

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Updated information to include bump up to 60k creatures with 30% aggressive and new staff :)



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