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Bulk, dirt, clay, planks, bricks, mortar, flowers, sprouts, meat all low QL all low price

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  • Everything is of undefined low QL[1].
  • Delivery to coast anywhere except inner seas/lakes up to 2s per route (full knarr). Pick up possible for no cost at specified location on Xanadu coast.
  • Bring up your own crates/containers for swap. Containers are available to purchase at an additonal cost specified in this list down below placed towards the end of the post. You can use ctrl+f (find feature of your browser) with 'containers:' keyword to navigate to it.
  • Contact me only through forum private message system (available through my profile). Do not leave replies in this thread (I might not read it) nor try to message me in game. Private forum message only.


If you want something a noob can craft and it's not listed drop me a PM. UPDATE: I am currently quite busy so for now this offer is on hold, I leave it here so you can still review it and get idea about what I offer and my prices.


One time 10% discount.

Be third [content] person to buy anything and to leave a positive feedback and get 10% off. Please include disclaimer that you were actually incentivized/tricked/paid to do this. Failing to comply with this requirement will result in revoking of said discount. To avoid disagreement and confusion I strongly advise to write down a feedback comment beforehand for mutual additonal. If you are not interested in said discount just ignore it and do nothing afterwards. If you bought something and are dissatisfied naturally feel free to post a negative feedback. I think it is fair to not provide any additional incentive in this case as I think your negative emotions and desire of justice are enough to make you come out and encourage you to post.



Item name - price [number in stock currently]


Additional symbols:

-If something has two plus sings (++) behind square brackets it means you can order even if I don't have stuff in stock currently allowing me additional time to complete the order.

-If something has single plus sign (+) behind square brakets it means I can provide you more even if it's not in stock currently but some conditions apply (like higher price, long delay, limited amount, etc., there is too many to mention them all here so just drop me an inquiry about the item in question and I will fill you with details).

-If there is not any plus sign behind square brackets it means I sell only what I currently have in stock and nothing above that.

-If something is rough estimate it is prepended with tilde (~) symbol.

-Strikethrough example marks recent change.




Dirt - 70c/k 50c/k [currenty 0, ask for restock]++

Clay -  70c/k  50c/k [currently 0, ask for restock]++

Sand -  70c/k 50c/k [0]++

Moss - 70c/k 50c/k [1k]++

Peat - 70c/k 50c/k [1k]++

Tar - 70c/k 50c/k [1k]++


Building materials:

Bricks - 99c/1k  1,1s/k [0]

Planks -  80c/1k [~200]

Mortar - 1,15s/1k[200]+

Clay bricks - 4s/1k[0]+



Iron - 70c/1k [0]+

Iron 70QL - 1s/k  [1k]

Lead - 70c/1k [0]+

Copper - 70c/1k [0]+

Tin - 70c/1k [0]+

Zinc - 70c/1k [0]+

Stone shards - 70c/1k [0]+

Marble shards - 70c/1k [0]+   ~1QL



Linden logs - 50c/k [700]


Sprouts and seedlings:

Linden sprouts - 50c/100 [327]++

Apple sprouts -  50c/100 [0]+

Maple sprouts - 50c/100 [0]

Blueberry sprouts - 50c/100 [56]

Raspeberry sprouts - 50c/100 [42]

Hazlenut sprouts - 50c/100 [34]

Walnut sprouts - 50c/100 [19]

Camelia sprouts - 50c/100 [43]+

Ivy seedling - 50c/100 [53]

Hop seedling - 50c/100 [59]

Oak sprouts - >50c/100 (not sure about price yet) [22]++

Willow sprouts - >50c/100 (not sure about price yet) [4]+

Thorn sprouts - >50c/100 (not sure about price yet but bit cheaper than oak/will I guess) [26]++

Ask if you need different sprouts at 50c/100.


Mixed grass:

Mixed grass - 30c/k [0]++   ~10QL



Yellow flowers - 70i/1 50i/1 [98]++

Orange-yellow flowers - 70i/1 50i/1 [46]++

Purple flowers - 70i/1 50i/1 [18]++

White flowers - 70i/1 50i/1 [17]++

Blue flowers - 70i/1 [20]+

Greenish-yellow flowers - 70i/1 [8]+

White-dotted flowers - 10c/1 [2]+



Meat - 20c/k [~11k]+  (around 30QL, not sure)


Animal parts:

Eyes - 20c/k [530] *new*

Paws - 20c/k [136]

Hooves - 20c/k [434]

Tails - 20c/k [413]

Fat - 20c/k [557]

Bladders - 20c/k [333]

Teeth - 20c/k [170]

Glands - 20c/k [84]


Also currently got one wagon for 50c, a bunch (>10) of rare and supreme stone and marble shards, few rare marble bricks and rare colossus bricks.


I am also interested in providing seasonal harvestable items (fruits/nuts/etc). The problem is I never seem to be able to gather more than 500 per season even having huge plantation nearby which means it would take me a lot of time to gather any significant amount to intrest bulk buyers and make my first sale. Also I am not even sure if anyone would like to buy it in the first place and I lose motivation very quickly. So let me know if interested.



Small crate - 3c/1 or 20 planks/1 [~ 1 crate rack]       (They can only be ordered to hold other stuff bought in this offer. Possibility to swap/barter for 20 planks ea. I can sell them at 5c/1 if you want them empty.)

Large crate - 8c/1

BSB - 10c/1 [0]

FSB - 10c/1 [0]

Small raft - 5c/1 [0]

Pottery bowl -  20i /1[100]


If you are unsure how many items will fit in a given container give me a message.





[1] >99% of this stuff is low QL until otherwise specified but don't assume it will come in "SPECIFIED" QL. If you want "SPECIFIED" QL ask beforehand.

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offer updated
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such a great service, i instantly ordered again.

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