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[Client] Favor calculator

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Requires Ago's Client Mod Launcher to run.

This mod will estimate the favor you would get for items if you sacrifice them. The estimate is based on a simple formula from this page

Setup instructions:
Install mod following instructions of Ago's Client Mod Launcher

How to use:
First thing you need to do is to choose a convenient key and bind the command "favor" for that key

bind z "favor"

Now select any number of items in inventory, hover the mouse over the inventory and press the binded key. The mod will show you the favor you will get for that items.

To use non default item constant value type the following:

favor value(float number)


  • There is a certain constant for each item in the game that directly affects the amount of favor you will get for sacrificing it. For example the cordage rope have the constant value equal to the 1 and the door lock have the value 0.5. So door locks will give you twice less favor than cordage ropes of same quality.
  • By default mod calculates the favor, assuming that the value constant is 1
  • You can use different value this way

favor 0.5

and the favor estimate will be divided by 2

  • The spindles have the value equal to the 0.5, but Vynorians have double favor for wood items so you don't need to change the default value in this situation
  • You can calculate favor not only in your inventory but in other containers too
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Fixed typos and removed the necessity to type "setfactor" in order to change the favor coefficient.

Just use "favor [float number]" command to use another coefficient. 

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