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He is currently F2P capped, but has 86 HFC, nearly 40 Farming, Channeling of 40+, and several other useful skills.


Great Mid tier priest for someone looking to get their own steady supply of enchanted tools, armors, and weapons.


PM on the forums with your offer and we can haggle a bit if needed. Thank you :)

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You need to provide proper stats if you are expecting more than 15e out of this. As it stands you are only stating that hfc is above starter level. You can get 86hfc by panfilling 6k pans for 12 silver. Thats the only value skill we can see.


If no other skill is over 50 (assumed since its not being provided) and no prem, you are looking at 15e tops. Its probably worth more but you need to provide details.



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