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Invisible small cart

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Issue has place at the border of the cave, when you're leaving/entering it dragging small cart. at some circumstances you can become a proud and happy owner of the "invisible" small cart. you can hear, that you're still dragging it, your speed is slowed accordingly, but you won't be able to see/iteract with it until relog.


To reproduce:


1. Find a cave, start dragging a small cart




2. Enter the cave, when you'll got a message "You enter the cave" - move back backwards, i mean - don't turn, just push "S" button. At the moment when you will leave the cave - your cart gets stuck on the edge:



From my experience, it will always stuck if you'r moving backwards from the cave. And this is an issue in itself, but more funny things will follow.


3. Now, physically, cart is in the cave. If you will enter a cave again, you can open your cart, you can drag it deeper into the cave, and everything will work fine. But you cannot do anything with it if you're leaving the cave. For ex., you can open cart's "inventory" being in the cave, make few steps outside the cave, and inventory will just dissapear. Similarly, you can start dragging cart being in a cave, step outside, and you will stop dragging it without having appropriate message in events.


4. Now, main part of the trick: step outside the cave and Pull your cart. Somehow it will work, but if after the pull you will try to drag the cart - it will simply... dissapear. You will hear it, you will be slowed down, but there will be no cart.


"Imagine: there is no spoon" (c) Matrix

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