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Dragonsgate [Modded Pve with PVP Arenas]

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Hello Wurmians!
I am here to announce the launch of a brand new wurm unlimited dedicated server! Dragonsgate was founded in April 2018 (Map reestablished in September 2018) and is a fully dedicated 24/7 server! 


  • A fully custom 4k map, designed and painted by one of our own players!
  • Portals - 4 main Portals leading to the 4 cardinal directions on the map for quick travel to different areas.
    • Highway portals - Optional craftable portals connecting player owned deeds through official Highways to the Cardinal portals.
  • Full PVE map with pvp arenas
    • Custom built pvp arenas for those who love pvp. These will include obstacles and challenging terrain to make battles more thrilling (Under Construction)
  • Dungeons
    • We have custom made dungeons with monster spawners.
  • Server Mods
    • Our server has a variety of mods to add to the convenience and fun of the base game. These mods include but are not limited to No Mail Cost, Priest access to all Spells, Unlimited meditation gains, Pets, and Treasure Hunting. (see website for full mod list)
  • Free Starter Deeds - No deed founding cost to help new players jump right in to the game. There is deed upkeep however, this is to limit abandonded deeds cluttering the world.
  • Server Support
    • We work hard to make sure everything is running smoothly and offer email support in addition to the ingame support system.
  • Discord
    • We have our very own discord channel complete with Discord to Global (and vice versa) chat room! 
  • Special Events
    • We have special events planned for players to participate in and win a variety of prizes including pets, gear, mounts, and more! These are GM hosted official events but we welcome player hosted events as well!
  • GM Shops
    • The main hub is set up with gm supplied shops that contain special items normally unobtainable by other means. Sometimes these items are given as event rewards as well.
  • Player Shops
    • We have a large market area dedicated to player run shops. Each stall has its own sign that is customizable by request. (Merchant contracts are available in the Specialty and Salesman shops.)
  • Increased Skill Gain and Action timers by 10x with no Fatigue!


Come join us now and discover the perfect home!


Feedback is welcome and appreciated.



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Server Update

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Dragonsgate was moved to a new location. The new map is 4k x 4k and some of the details have been changed. You can still view the website at  to view more information and our server map because it has been mostly kept updated.(stills needs some design changes but we are working on the server mostly) The op will be edited soon to reflect the actual details.

EDIT: Ignore, OP updated.

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