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Amount of Materials needed to build / Other Wants.

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Im sure these has been brought up at least once but think they would be good ideas for crafting.


A full wooden wall takes 20 of planks to make, why does an arch also take the same amount?  More than 3/4 of the facing is open.  Same goes for windows, and other wall types and material types. 


I would also like to see corner pillars, so I can do things like overhangs.  Overhangs were in the game once (withought support and taken away.) Make a new wall type Corner pillar, of every mat type,,,and no, not 20 planks/bricks either per as its not a full wall face.  This would allow the support needed for overhangs, and allow them again.


Also how about the ability to take a wall, and turn it into a window, or an arch,,,there is plenty of material available to simply cut out, no new materials needed to go down the list, ie full wall to window to arch, but yes small amount of materials to start with and arch but go up the list To window , to wall.


A Reclamation/Recycle ability - Take ANY item and get some component back out of it, ie if I reclaim/recycle a wooden wall, I get some planks back etc, potentially gettign more as the skill increases of course up to max, as not everything should be reclaimable.


And to go along with this, allow the Mayor of a city to reclaim left behind things from players years gone.  Either reclaim or simply destroy it even.  Im sorry but the more stuff you have laying around on a server inevitably causes lag when your in those areas on the server.  Something really needs done with all the extra stuff around.





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-1 to every suggestion in your post.


Arches/windows-  I do not want to make it easier for people to build massive monuments like Fippy's Harbor on Celebration.  It SHOULD be hard, or everyone is going to do it, and you have less to be proud of.


Overhangs can still be built, provided The first floor walls are under it.  You can essentially build an hourglass shaped tower if you wanted to.  


Switching wall types.... try deed planner.  It'll save you alot of mats and bashing.


Recycled mats-  a dozen different ways this is a bad idea.  


And finally, no player  should be able to forcibly take any vehicle belonging to another player on freedom, by lockpicking or otherwise.  Build your own boat/wagon, they're cheap enough now trust me.  If a cart/wagon/boat is in your way, your friendly neighborhood Wurm Staff is happy to take up 30 minutes of your time asking 1,000 questions to perform a 10 second task.

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imo you'd probably use more wood on an arch than a straight wall if you wanna think of the engineering behind it.

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