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Arovia, you have heard of it from mariners. An island far removed from the Freedom Isles. A place where the monsters made their home and no kingdom rules over. The gods themselves have no presence there. It was there you wanted to go, and so you boarded a ship with others and set sail to the east.


The voyage was long and treacherous, and you may well never see your home again, if you survive. But after months at sea, the land was spotted off the bow and the ship maneuvered its way into a bay and lay anchor.

Putting together a small shack for a port authority, you and your fellow travelers made plans to set off into the wilds of this small island.


Reports from scouts came back as you gathered supplies. Dragons could be seen flying across the sky nearest the tallest peaks. A giant was reported, his head tall over the trees, and worse still, your ancestors could not help you here, as a connection to their realm and the realm of the goods was cut off, so not even spirit guards could be summoned.


There was no help for you here. You were on your own. Will you brave the wilds?




Arovia is a custom mapped server (2km x 2km) with mods and settings to make even Wurm more realistic. I did research and figured out the general length of time real crops take to grow and adjusted Wurm's crop growth to reflect that. I also set the animal aging to more reflect an average of animal ages, so an animal should live 20 Wurm years or so, so your favorite horses will stick around longer.


Stats start at 19.5, you have to earn everything here. Skill gain rate is 1x, timers are 1x, and there are no deeds allowed, not even a starter deed. It is truly the players against the environment. In fact, without a starter deed and guard tower on it, if you build a tower, it will not last a server reset, so don't waste your time.


Lastly, the gods have no presence here, so no White or Black Lights. No priests means no enchants, so survival becomes even more difficult.


Welcome to Arovia, here you truly earn your keep.

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