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Boat/Cart Kingdom Permission

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In the past you could easily set your boats and carts for your kingdommates to use by just checking the friends permission, because most people had kingdommates added.  This made it easy to have boats available for kingdom access in the case that they're needed for defense or raiding, but now to have boats like that, you need to think up the names of each and every single person in your kingdom, type each of their individual names in manually, and give each and every one of them permissions on the boat.  These permissions often wipe when crossing servers on the epic cluster (a common occurrance).  Often you forget some names to put on the boat, and when the time comes to get on the boat for pvp, people go "I can't get on, I need permissions!".


This is really annoying when you're on a sailboat with kingdommates crossing servers on the epic cluster, and now you're on another server and nobody has access on the boat anymore.  Then you have to add each and every person to the boat's permissions by name again.


This would be much easier to do if there were a permission option for Kingdom, so that you could check permissions in the kingdom line to give those permissions to all members of your kingdom, rather than having to type in a name and check boxes for each individual character.


The kingdom permission option already exists for houses, please add it for boats and carts as well.

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