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Target/Select windows and Archery

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This has been suggested several times before, but I couldn't find the thread with a quick search.


Currently the only way to add something to your select window is to left click it, without moving your mouse at all.  This will allow you to easily archer the mob by clicking the shoot button on the select window.






Sometimes it can be difficult to get a single left click without mouse movement on a mob in order to use select window archery.  This can be especially problematic in pvp.




Many people use target binds to add creatures to their target windows, without needing to stop their mouse entirely.  Simply mousing over the mob and pressing your target bind will work.




This is useful, but there is no archery option on the target window, and there is no equivalent select bind that can be used to add things to the select window.


You can right click the target window, navigate down to bow, and click shoot, but this can be difficult and tedious to do during the rush of pvp.






There are a few potential solutions to improve quality of life in these situations.


1. Add the archery and other options to the target window:




2. Add a select keybind to make it easier to add things to the select window, regardless of cursor movement. (similar to the target bind)


3. Allow us to click on the mob in the target window to add it to the select window:





Please consider one of these options.  This issue is very annoying in pvp and would be a QoL improvement overall.

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id like option 1


the selecting becomes more of a problem the lower your fps is

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Even as a PvE player I've noticed this nuisance. Not bad enough that I'd make a suggestion out of it (though I totally see the point from a PvP perspective) but still enough that'd I could appreciate option 2. Wurm can be oddly picky about what is a click and what isn't...

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