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Horse Speed Calculator

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I butchered together some decompiled WU code into a horse speed calculator to see how much of an effect the various factors (traits, weight, gear QL) can have.


To use it, go to the link below:


Copy the code presented there, then go to this link:


Erase anything in the box, and paste the code you copied.


Click Execute at the bottom to make sure it gives some output.  That'll be for an untraited, ungeared horse, being ridden by somebody carrying 50 Kg of gear.  Even if it's not being factored in for the speed boost, the horse's weight value still has saddle/shoes added in since I assumed that would be the most likely thing tested.  Set mountCarriedWeight to 0 for a true reading of an ungeared horse.


(My comments say that unicorns are exempt from soul strength checks, but don't take that as a hard truth.)


Set the values in the first little bit to whatever you'd like to see, then Execute.  Make sure to set isSaddled, isShoed to true to see those values have an effect.


Based on the creature's soul strength the traits will flip on and off at random, so in-game you can expect the actual speed to fluctuate anywhere between the min and max values.


Feedback and reports of any inaccuracies are appreciated.


Disclaimer:  This comes from WU code, who the hell knows what WO code really says, but they're usually pretty similar.




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