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Trader Money Exploit Bug

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I have found bug with Traders. This is a possible money exploit.

I am not sure if the 1.6 update has caused this but I have noticed this after the update. So people might want to test this on there too.

I found that if trade items with a trader then logout of the world. then log back in your items that you sold to the trader are back in your inventory and also you still have the money that the trader gave you.

This works other way round to when you buy items off the trader, you lose the items from your inventory and the money is reset.


I have tested by doing the following

Initial trader exchange.

Respawned the trader

Another player trying with a trader.

On my local server (both with adventure map(backup of the online server) and creative map)


I hope this make sense. If not I'll try to word it better.





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This is resolved by a change in the wurm.ini file


Urgent PSA for server owners!

If you upgraded your server from 1.5 you are likely missing the following important lines in your wurm.ini:


It is extremely important that these are added and set to false, as these features are not currently stable. We will be releasing a fix for this in the next beta but in the meantime please update your wurm.ini file and restart your server. 

Thank you Bdew for raising this with us! 


We will be addressing this in the next beta however

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