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Cat's eye graphics mod pls

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Right now, we have:



Wondering if it would be possible to make a mod that replaces them with something less bright, flatter, generally not so tempting to the eye.  Maybe like:


minus the band of the ring, just the top part.


I'd make it client-side if 1) I could actually make it at all, and 2) at all possible.  That way we could switch out the graphics without having to ask/bother an admin?


Thought I'd throw it out there if anyone is interested.


ps. if that's not possible, is it possible to make a server-side mod that disables their existence entirely?

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You can open up your graphics jar using something like WinRAR and edit the current texture of catseyes with a tool like GIMP. Save your edits and put it back into the jar using a program like WinRAR. You can easily make them invisible if you like. Just make the texture blank with maybe one pixel black spot or something just so the program can recognize there is something in the texture file. Should be rather easy just to delete all but one pixel from that file and put it back in your client jar.


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