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WTS Cleanup Sale

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On 3/18/2018 at 0:40 PM, Thassadar said:

Pickup on Xanadu near Summerholt or COD if possible.


Everything: 30s


Sleep powders x 10  - 9s

Iron torch lamps (ql57-ql70) x 53  - 6c each


spyglass - 2s

iron trowel ql85 w64 c94 - 1.2s

iron stone chisel ql85 w66 c81 - 60c

iron pickaxe ql83 c66 39imbue, runed - 6s

iron pickaxe ql79 w89, runed - 80c

pelts - 10c ea

exquisite med rug c76 - 10c

iron hammer ql91 c74 - 60c

whetstone ql95 c73 - 10c

rope tool ql70 c90 - 80c

iron hatchet c72 - 10c

iron sickle ql83 c77 - 50c

valentines pottery - 1s ea

chain armor set with a couple aosp - 45c

iron pickaxe 80ql - 15c

iron saw 80ql with some coc or woa - 20c ea

iron small anvil 85ql - 25c

iron rake c60 - 10c

bee smoker - 5c

iron stone chisel ql70 - 8c

iron stone chisel ql87 - 25c

iron hatchet ql75 c58 - 10c

iron small maul ql70 - 15c

iron hammer ql92 - 50c

iron shovel ql66/ql69 - 6c

iron shovel ql70 w39 - 10c

iron horse shoes with woa - make an offer








Knarr - 6s (is 50ql now)


  Reveal hidden contents



For the horseshoes with 100w 93 w 95 w 96 4 silver for all of them

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if chainset is still there, cod to Simju pls

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On 3/18/2018 at 2:40 PM, Thassadar said:

pelts - 10c ea

whetstone ql95 c73 - 10c

100ql pelt to blackunicorn and same for whetstone.

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