Separate Beverage Affinities

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Yes that sugestion is great so i will +1

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Big +1 from me, I gotta bump this.

What kind of maniac would grind beverages with the way it is now? Unless you want to try and increase cooking difficulty with alcohol... This is why I +1 this.

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On 3/15/2018 at 6:50 AM, Corsan said:

It sounds like a good idea, until you realize you can just sit there sipping on drinks with no 'downside' (It doesn't hit nutrition). So essentially you can have a nearly permanent affinity(As long as you have more to sip on to keep you tip-topped). Then factor in food affinity, and you'd be getting double the affinity from food AND drink...which yeah, sounds great from a player perspective...but you know as soon as they notice that, they'll go and ding drinks somehow so they can't be perma-affinities...

Also, there's some kind of downside/upside to being fail more often or it creates more difficulty/more skillgain that way long as you maintain a healthy balance of not too much to get smashed and start auto failing nearly everything action-wise.

I don't think we should be supporting alcoholism in any form. Virtual or otherwise. Implying that we're all a bunch of drunk dwarves sitting around smithing or something...imagine if a teen played this game and the strange beliefs they would walk away with from it...

So I'm on the fence on this one, yeah, I'd love more affinities/ability to double up affinities (Especially since I'll be a top end cook/beverage-maker in-game soon enough.) which would make it a +1 for me...but I also don't think we should be portraying alcohol in a 'good' light either...(As the child of an abusive alcoholic IRL) so that would make it a -1 from me. If we don't make the alcoholic beverages 'the thing to use' to skill, maybe I'd be more lenient, but it's currently implying we need to...and that's a 'No' from me.


Perma-affinities have existed, I mean you can hit 4 hours on affinities with food alone.  Not to mention if we're talking about supporting negative things then we might as well be talking about over-eating, and the fact that this game allows you to eat belladonna and oleander which are both highly poisonous plants.   Oh, and cook with copper and lead which are poisonous too.  In fact, lead cookware is better to use than normal iron.   So I mean, this game isn't exactly doing well on teaching kids what is healthy and what isn't.  :T  It's one thing if we portray alcoholism as fun or recreational, but this game just doesn't really show it as anything.   You get an affinity, the same as getting it from tea or cocoa.  There are other beverages than alcohol.  Juices, tea...  (one day, I really want coffee here so badly), milk, and there's just more options.  


Personally, I'd love it if we could have beverages compliment food in a way, either by having the affinities that the drinks give be able to boost the strength of the food affinities you get, or that you just get ones you can't get normally through cooking.   Which I guess is another way of what OP said.  XD  I would love beverages to be useful.  It'd give me more reason to make that tea shop I've been dreaming of.

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