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WTS some casted and rare items - prices added

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WTS some items

if something doesnt have price feel free to offer

if you buy few items you can get good discount coz i need money on upkeep and prem time hah :D 




Horse Shoes:


4x horse shoe 80+woa - 1,6s

6x horse shoe 70+woa - 35c/ea

15x horse shoe 60+woa - 30c/ea

16x horse shoe 50+woa 25c/ea




pickaxe 90woa - 60c

pickaxe 86woa 62coc - 70c

pickaxe 80woa 58coc - 60c

pickaxe 81woa 51coc - 60c

pickaxe steel 78coc - 50c

rest of them are 45c/ea



Carving Knifes:


carv 85coc - 55c

carv 83ql 70woa - 50c

carv 58woa - 30c


Butchering Knife:


butcher 87woa 61coc - 1s

butcher 91woa 83coc - 1,2s




longsword 71nimb 73frost 67coc - 1s

longsword 88nimb 81frost 79coc - 1,4s




sickle 73coc - 50c

sickle 85woa 77coc - 1s


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rare studded leather sleeve cod to Aristarchus please. Thank you.

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[15:37:20] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.

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