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First i just wanted to say that i am not sure if this idea was proposed earlier cuz i was too lazy to browse through 710 pages of this section. :P


Any1 that played Haffen (Haven and Hearth) will get the general idea... for every1 else heres how it goes...


I do realise that all the time we spend in Wurm we try to make this place bit more civilized so we started from little hut then moved to the stronghold... but 1 thing didnt changed... its the way we eat... 

We just grab w/e we gonna eat in our hand and shove it in our mouth... often in a hurry between one task and another... sometimes during work... just fast pause to "refill the tank"... I would like some changes here :)


  1.  Feast Project require a tables to be changed into containers... (i do realised that ppl were proposing that there should be option to place items on the tables for the better look but if that didnt happend through all those years then my idea will sound even more distant). Swiching a table into container shouldnt be too complicated... and just to please a bit those who wanted some more eye candies in their house make different texture/mesh for empty table and filled/covered table.
  2. Now we have to make our Feasting more confortable... nothing will make it better than the comfy chair... So now we can sit by the table on our nice stylish chair... but we still missing something...
  3. Ofcourse we r not gonna eat with our hands... we could use a fork and knife... maybe spoon? Also a good idea would be to place our meal on a plate or a bowl maybe? Unless it is already in some kind of container (bowl of soup)...Luckly all those items r already in game... we just gotta take em to another level... And what is a good meal without a cup of good beverage? Place a cup "in" the table and fill it with your favorite wine... or cup of water will work too :P
  4. Ppl say that we eat with our eyes too soo lets make this table into ristorante looking one... some covering maybe some candelabre...
  5. Ok we r all set... Lets dig in! ...Hmm but Dining alone is boring... lets invite friends or fellow villagers to come over for a dinner and maybe even some of them can entertain us with their puppetering skills or play some instruments (if there were any).


Ok so we just created our first Feast but whats the point of it other than social? Well how i see it to make ppl want to feast we have to give em a reason some bonuses...

- Erm... Kruszyn? We already have food affinity...

Sooo NERF it!!! And i mean neft it so hard to the point that only affinity u gonna get for fast eting will be stomachache affinity! :P 


The way i see it: Every of those points that i described during our feast creation will add some Affinity bonus i mean the main affinity will come from the food that we eat nothing changes here it will be much shorter after my suggested nerf even if food quality is high but it is just the basic food affinity... All the bonuses we r interested in comes from feasting... and the one we care about r Affinity Duration and Affinity Power.


Affinity Duration i dont have to explain... 

Affinity Power... well who said that food affinity bonus have to be 10%...? Why not 11% or 15% or even 20% 


-Ok Kruszyn but why all that complications with forks knives and cups ...?

Well where do you think that affinity bonuses will come from...? Yes, the feasting accessories. Placing all those items "in" the table will add extra bonuses to affinity duration and power... it will depand on those items quality (so lets say 1-9.99ql fork will give extra 10% to affinity duration... while 90-99.99ql will give extra 100%) a few percent here and few percent there and we have our selves 1-10h affinity with 10-20% bonus to our selected (depanding what meal we choose to eat) skill.


Lets dont forget about the enterteinment factor of our feast... the more the merrier... so for each extra person by the table we get additional bonus and ofcourse there is also bonus for the Entertainer him self. (i was thinking about the bonus to the feast for every person in local but dunno if that stuff wouldnt be abused before rifts or uniques slaying... You decide... (feasting before/after sounds nice) 


I dont mention the other implementations for that idea... ppl can create Taverns! were folks will meet, Feast, sing and cheer! :P


Sooo what do you think? :huh:




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Typos... i bet that there r still some that i missed
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I LOVE THIS! I don't know how the hardcore workers would feel about this but, forcing people to take a break from crafting, sit down chat about projects with friends and eat sounds great :) One issue: hunger gained from feasts should last longer than normal hunger, so we aren't having one every 5 minutes. Big +1

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I've been wanting features likes this from haven for a long time, we still can't put stuff on tables though.

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+1 for the general idea. Execution could go a number of ways.


Being that I'm building my own tavern, I'd be rather excited if it wasn't just some aesthetic project. If there was incentive to have people gather for feasts, I could actually host and renting beds would be viable.


In fact, I might even build affinities around location instead of the food and accessories. Like...

  • 3 affinities will be given simultaneously.
  • The 3 affinities will be randomized, but permanently attributed to the deed (or nearest deed) on which the toon is feasting.
  • Make the affinities very long lasting (minimum of 24 hours) to account for any travelers returning home.
  • Feasting should require a minimum time spent at the table (>30 minutes) to award such benefits.

With benefits like that set, people will hopefully host for each other and create social events that are incentivized by game mechanics.

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On ‎09‎.‎03‎.‎2018 at 7:11 PM, Ryanwew said:

:) One issue: hunger gained from feasts should last longer than normal hunger, so we aren't having one every 5 minutes. Big +1


Yep but the Feasting would not be the only way to rise food bar... you still can "refill the tank the normal way"... I want Feasting to be an option... a better option :)

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