Care and share 5S horses indi / release

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I would like a Horse or two on release. So I thought perhaps someone on release would like a horse at their disposal on Indipendence.


Idea is that i can care for some animals your place ( i can care for 10 ) and you for some on mine.

On top we could have some horses at our disposal at each others deeds. I can provide some enchantet grass tiles on top. 


That way we both have more cared for animals for breeding and we have transport on each others server. Perhaps a guest house with essentials would be nice as well.


I live pretty central on indi at the north end of Crystal Lake L18-19 

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That is a really good idea! And i would be interested, sadly, i've been outta wurm for several months and my herd is all gone except for the 5 horses i had cared for at the time. :(
i don't normally travel to Indy, but once i get my herd built back up, i would be more than willing to work something out w you! ;) Release is my home server....

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