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PC - Theino the Fletcher

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Can I have a PC on Theino please?


No premium time 

Prayer Affinity

idk what gear he has, but probably not valuable, so not worth considering. Probably still has tools/toolbelt.


Fletching 95.378555 10th Overall

Carpentry 87.880325 257th Overall

Hammer 64.565640 499th Overall

Archery 33.595093 493rd Overall

Pickaxe 27.827335

Mining 26.300177

Body Control 24.382430

Mind Logic 24.009083

Miscellaneous Items 23.722322

Long Bow 22.219400



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Well to be honest you really have nothing here. Fletching alone does not a character make. 


It has one skill: Fletching. Fletching is not a marketable skill. Sure, you can try sell quivers, but it doesnt really matter much as only pvpers really use archery on a reliable scale, and most pvpers already have some degree of fletching to raise their BC.


This character attributes are abysmal. It cant load crates. It also is not self sufficient: he can make high quality arrows but he cant chop the wood needed to imp it, even at 60ql which is the average pvp ql arrows you usually find. 


Single skill, no support, no attributes. Low to medium skill utility. No gathering skills. I price this at 30-40e 

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Awesome, thanks for the response!




I literally called him a Fletcher, as that's what he is.

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