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skilltracker console commands

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I've recently spent some time updating my quickswitch keybinds, which were originally based on Daray's repo.

A long time ago, I replaced the 'settoolbelt' calls in the original with 'LOAD_TOOLBELT#'

So I've got different toolbelts saved for different sorts of tasks, and my keybind scripts binds a set of action keys and load the toolbelt appropriate for those actions

One idea I wanted to include in my update was to handle the skilltracker in a similar way.

However, I discovered that there aren't console commands to load and save skilltrackers, only key bindings (unlike the toolbelt, which has key bindings and console commands.


So I suggest adding the following console commands:

  • nextskilltracker
  • prevskilltracker
  • loadskilltracker <0-9> 
  • saveskilltracker [<0-9>] If number is not provided, saves currently active slot

The saveskilltracker command above has an optional argument, unlike savetoolbelt, which requires the toolbelt number. I propose making it optional for both, with no argument meaning 'the active one'

  • savetoolbelt <0-9>   --> savetoolbelt [<0-9>]


Making the argument optional on save, means we can do this:



That is, if I modify a toolbelt, it's automatically saved if I swap to a different toolbelt via the keybind scripts

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