Public dethroning of troll king

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Sunday of this week will see the dethroning of the current troll king of Exodus for sins that I dare not even mention here.

The moment of truth will be public, you are all welcome to come, visit and join. The Three of the White Light will reward your efforts with a drop of blood of the king which can be converted to a stonecutting potion - any other remnants from the dethroned emperor will stay within the group of the hunters.


TLDR: TK public fight with private loot, you are welcome to join!


Planned time is 04 March, 8PM UTC/GMT.




EDIT: I've just realized that the NESGamePro map of Exo makes my life very easy, I can easily put a pointer there, here you are:



Park your ships north from "Sopron", you can set up tent city there, the actual fight location is 30 tiles from there.

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HI Jaz

I might go there at least with godzildarella. 

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