[sold] Nahjo Priest and Mayor's Little Helper

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Nahjo Priest

Level 11 PoK

These skills combined allow you to "suicide teleport" to any deed, starter town, or tent and not lose skills or items in inventory (50% chance on items). I used this to deliver small bulk items such as sprouts or veggies. Also allows easy transport for selling Strongwall, Genesis and Courier enchants.

90+ Faith

80 Channeling

90 (almost) Cooking

90+ Farming

75 Mining

Can mine 100ql ore with imbued and runed pickaxe

60 Prospecting

Can determine quality of ore and estimated remaining quantity

50 Animal Husbandry

Ideal level for breeding 5-speed animals

Can Load, Ride Horses, and Command all ships



*Corn hat not included




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