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Received inappropriate achievement

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On an alt (Altbomb), imp'n some signs, for hours (well, definitely over an hour). Just doing that in my house (Teeebomb's Tall House) on my main's deed (Cornersville) on Independence. I got in game skill tracker up and some food affinities are active.


Then, just a couple minutes ago, BAM!...for some random reason, Wurm decided to bestow an achievement: Silver, Slayer of the Sly. This account, I'm pretty sure, has not slayed a sly anything. I did review all it's combat logs, nothing sly about it. Well, Altbomb did tame a sly rat before (back in November of 2016). But never killed one. I was able to grab a screenie, just as the achievement notification pop up was fading.




Then I checked in my achievement window. It has that achievement listed and the time matches my 1st screenshot.




So ya. Random achievement received right here. This account never killed any sly monsters (so far as I could tell). Not in combat at all when the achievement was bestowed. Maybe you want to look at this. Thanks your time.



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Did you maybe hit the rat a few times before you managed to tame ? And now some aggro killed it, or it went untame and another player killed it ? Because i think that will count as well

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29 minutes ago, faty said:

Did you maybe hit the rat a few times before you managed to tame ?


Nope. It was on deed and that alt could not attack the rat (lol... "[12:35:14] That would be illegal." < excerpt from combat log). Also, that rat taming experiment was back in 2016 (updated original post). This alt did not kill that rat. I believe my main later killed the rats once I found what I was looking for. If there was a way that rat counted in this toon's (Altbomb's) achievements, Wurm sure did take its time granting the reward... was like... *looks at watch*.. erm... Well since November 2016. Can server hamsters remember that long? I really think the server hamsters get replaced more often than that. It prolly completely different hamsters.

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This account, my alt (AltBOMB) just received another in appropriate achievement.


AltBOMB was in building (Teeebomb's Tall House) on  Settlement (Cornersville) in Independence. He was making strings of cloth. He got moment of Inspiration...




Which turned out to be a rare string of cloth, cotton. He was immediately awarded the silver achievement 'Really rare'... (14:22:08 EST on 14Feb2018)




So I (the keyboard thumper) looked up this achievement in the wurmpedia...




Well... Wurmpedia could be off. But other than that, this toon was awarded 'Really rare' achievement, when he only made a rare string of cloth, not a supreme one. According to wurmpedia, 'Really rare' should only be awarded when you create supreme items. This toon had not had much game play until recently and never created a supreme item (I did just now double check all logs).


Oh I did check this toon's achievement window just to doubly make certain, yap, he was certainly awarded 'Really rare' at the above posted time...





So that is my post, and I'm sticking with it.


Hope all this inappropriate awarding of achievements is not too much troubles to fix.


Thanks your time :-)

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