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Archery questions

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As a RL archer I'm trying to be purely an archer in-game but it seems very hard (too hard TBH) and brings some questions that aren't answered by the wiki and quite a few searches here.


  1. What exactly is the shot difficulty? E.g. "willow bow decreases shot difficulty by 5" - what does it mean?
  2. Why are there restrictions on minimal bow shooting distance (instead of e.g. required BS which would be more accurate)? Is it a part of grievers prevention? Will it change with the skill increase?
  3. I'm 42 Archery / 31 Long Bow on vanilla server, have 50ql rare willow long bow, using 30-35ql hunting arrows and killing anything above a cat feels like a chore and takes at least 2 quivers when in RL it should take a novice archer one, maybe two arrows in most cases... How do I increase effectiveness (accuracy/damage)?
    1. will it somehow noticeably increase with my skill? How exactly? Are there some kind of steps, e.g. will some extra power kick in on 50 Archery?
    2. what's the difference between Archery and its subskills like Long Bow - which one is responsible for what exactly?
    3. does quiver quality matter at all?
  4. Any other ways to increase shooting speed? I noticed increasing the skill helps but I'm looking for a more now solution. I know there's a spell but I hate magic and would gladly avoid it if possible.
  5. What is Quick Shot? It seems to be exactly the same as normal shot.
  6. Why is there a Shoot but no Quick Shot icon in the Select bar? Is that a bug?
  7. Any way to just keep shooting? I tried both, Ranged fighting option and Autofight quickbar's icon (in any combination) but it doesn't work. Is that a bug?
  8. Are there any not obvious skills I should train to be a better archer? Other member kindly asked about Fighting for me and according to the answer it's not related.
  9. Shooting increases BC but does BC change archer's effectiveness in any way?
  10. Does archery increase BS at all? It does in real life, that's how you progress from light bows to the ones with heavier draw weight but it doesn't seem to in-game.
  11. Does BS influence archery at all? Higher damage maybe? Every point in BS increases damage by 1%, got it.
  12. How do I use Focus when shooting a bow? The game says I'm not attacking anyone. Is that a bug? Am I doing something wrong? Can't use focus with long bow, got it.
  13. Do fighting options have any influence on Archery? I have Aggressive selected because wiki says it increases attack to 130% and I don't really need defense as an archer.
  14. It's been said on the forums elevation is important. Does it influence anything other than range? How accurate is the model? Do gravity and arrow weight play a role? Elevation affects only damage, got it.
  15. Does the wind have any influence on shooting? a. does my character somehow take it into account for better accuracy with higher skill? b. is my range / arrow speed / damage dealt in any way better when shooting with the wind and nurfed when shooting against it? Wind doesn't influence shooting, got it.
  16. Shouldn't I hear a buzz of a released bowstring cutting through the air and a whistle of a flying arrow instead of the sound of a draw? Is that a bug?
  17. When I want to use Shoot keybinding it requires me to point the mouse cursor at my target (even though the target is active in Target window and in Select bar). Is that a bug?
  18. Do I have to / should I / does it change anything at all to actually attack the target when shooting at it? I mean to put it in Target window, e.g. by clicking the Attack icon in the Select bar.
  19. "height can affect damage by up to 20%, with every 10 dirt difference being 1%" - does that work both ways, i.e. is that -20% when 200 or more dirt below the target?
  20. Can't use focus with long bow, need to be in melee range, can e.g. punch my horse to get it to work. Come on, it has to be a bug, no?
  21. Fighting skill influences Combat Rating. Does the Combat Rating influence archery?


If you can answer only some questions or direct me to a thread in the forum discussing similar matters it would still be helpful. Thanks to anyone willing to clear these uncertainties for me.

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 has a lot of answers.


4 - get skill up

12 - need to be in melee range to focus. can always punch your horse with the bow.

14 - just dmg

15 - no

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Well, that shed some light on the situation! :) I figured data mining post was about, well, data mining. Didn't read it until now. Thank you!


More answers are welcome. I'll edit the first post as they come.

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