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Convert Pile of "Farm Goods" Into Individual Farming For Food Bin

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This is irritating and would prefer this fix for the upcoming later version of Wurm and Wurm Unlimited.


When using your Farming skill feature - Harvest and Re-Plant -> 3x3 or 5x5, farming goods are created into Piles of xxx. My issue is that when putting into food storage bin that should have shows the farming good and not "pile of xxx". This may seems like I am trying to take away Pile of xxx feature which can probably stack to 100 which not at what I am getting at. As I haven't got that far yet. But, I am really asking the developer to fix it where Piles of xxx get converted to individual in food storage bin. It doesn't make sense to view and withdraw pile of "1" farming good when it is actually 1 farming good in general. To me, this was unintended and over-sighted and hope that this can be fix for further triggering details minded Wurm players.


Edited: I was confused with the installed mod so might have to retract this post.



Fix: Depositing 1 farming good will convert "Pile of xxx" into individual farming good

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It's a known issue and will be fixed in the future. It's just a visual text glitch and the items function normally, so don't worry about it too much for now :P


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