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On ‎2‎/‎15‎/‎2018 at 1:41 PM, Ohana said:

Oh yes give us Veneer! So we would still need to have the wood type to change it but we could just slap some veneer on it to change wood type!


I think if the Devs do decide to enable the changing of wood types on created objects this would be a sensible way to do it. Just make some *Veneer* from a log of the desired wood, activate it and apply it to the object. It should be just a simple process like that, with the only somewhat time consuming process being the creation of the Veneer (obviously a Carpentry skill product).



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Last part decides wood type is already horrible as it is. Wood really needs some love in the game, not just visual.


I think majority of wood used SHOULD determine bonuses... last part can determine wood type for visual like Veneer. A wire brush or planer could remove that veneer and allow people to re-add the veneer to change the 'appearance' wood type.


Bonuses should be tied to overall wood % used, with at least >50% of that type if you want the bonuses.


We don't just add 1 bit of seryll to an iron sword to make it seryll... Lets fix the wood industry.

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On 2/16/2018 at 0:50 PM, Budzilla said:

Please don't let us simply change the wood types of objects with some gimicky object. If someone wants something made of a specific wood, they should have to make it as such from the get go.


Yeah, shame on us for not using our future-vision 1-5 years ago to predict what the new wood types would look like.


Back on topic:

Seeing some good ideas revolving around the same concept.


If not "change the wood type", add an extra painting step for those who want it.  You can either dye right on the wood and get the "blend" result, or first coat it with a "white base" (water, lye, and crushed marble shards?) which'll allow the actual dye's color to stay as such.

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