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[Fixed] Cherries Jubilee

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When I try to make Cherries Jubilee, I get the message:

"You start to work on the pottery bowl."

but nothing actually happens. There is no progress bar and it is not working on making anything.



I have:

  • .10kg of 89.53ql sugar
  • .20kg of 15.84ql cherries,
  • .30kg of 50.61ql lemon,
  • .07kg of 19.37ql rum,
  • .07kg of 15.24ql lemon juice,
  • .40kg of 2.55ql cream,
  • .10kg of 81.02ql snowball which has 61.58 damage on it

in a 4.00ql pottery bowl that has 0.37 damage on it.


I have tried using my hand and an iron fork of 2.15ql with 1.40 damage on it to try to make this recipe. Nothing has worked.


This is a recipe that is not yet in my cookbook.


Further, now the bowl and the fork are tied up in the creation process that is not happening. I tried to put my fork away and got this message:

"You are working with that item."

I have not used that fork since trying to make this recipe.


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I added this to the bug list yesterday when I saw Dorian discussing this chat.  Thanks for the post and the details.

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