Random Enkounters (2018 edition)

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Today the randomizer chose Serenity for my presence and to my surprise someone was paying attention!


Paappa  was the contestant in local and he had to face off against 4 very random challenges.  Lets see how he did!


Challenge #1

How many body parts make up 1 full horse?  Paappa guessed about 400....  wow....  umm....  So much for the Fantastic spatula of burger flipping....  back to the void it goes.  This one hurt...  This unique spatula helped make hamburgers 300% healthier than a salad without compromising the taste!  One of these luxurious burgers kept you full for a long long time.  Oh I am so going to miss these.


Challenge #2

Name 3 moons that circle above? Paappa got it correct...well close enough anyway....


Challenge #3

Fight off the Thirteenth Clan of Chaos of the East

Paappa had to face off against the Eastern Moovine gang, the El Woolsy gang, the Enderline, and finally Emily Dreadful of Chaos

Paappa the Saint converted the Eastern Moonive to his side!

He eviscerated the Enderline thugs without any remorse!  He even took the time to give them a proper burial during the battle!!!!  Well, after he collected some spare parts.

He said he liked the El Woolsy gang!!!!  

So I brought out Emily Dreadful to teach him a lesson.  And boy did she...

Emily slaughtered Paappa the Saint...

So in to the void goes the Supreme pocket fisherman fishing rod which granted its user consistently large catches along with a random occasional valuable rare and supreme item catch such as scale and diamonds, and even boxes of lost coins!


Challenge #4

Bonus creature battle!  The fighting 13 octoemus of the fire realm.  Live or die, Pappa just had to defeat them all!

This battle, Pappa took to the roof tops and used archery!  If only he had thought of this against Emily Dreadful of the Thirteenth clan of Chaos.

It did not take long for Paappa to shoot the eyes out of the Octoemus and win the battle.


Bonus round!  For a Knights of Seris treasure hunt hint.

For a rare statue of Fo, Is the clue hidden on Chaos within the boundaries of a kingdom?  Paappa took a wild guess and said no.



For his random winnings  3 small crates.  good for harvesting the El Woolsey wools... I guess...

A supreme fishing rod rack.

A rare statue of Fo

A mountain lion rug

4 ivy trellis'

A rare saddle of easy riding - good for sore backs after a hard days cattle driving.

A supreme small anvil - makes a great paperweight for those really large parchments.

some supreme pizzas and haggis for a job well done

And lastly 50 pieces of gold scrap...  mainly just to get them out of my inventory, and partly to repay him for the loss of his horse I killed.


This has been another Random Enkouter!  Stay tune for another exciting adventure next year, same random time, same random server.



Edited by Enki
Umm, forgot to add Paappa's bonus round answer.

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This was really fun, and got all that nice stuff. If I didn't drop my breast plate in the forge just before this all started, id maybe had better luck with Emily Dreadful of the Thirteenth clan of Chaos.

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