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Buy 5 items and Pay -10%

Buy 10 and more items and Pay -20%

Glimmersteel lump: 89,86 0,37kg ; 3,5s

Glimmersteel lump 87,72 0,35kg ; 3,5s

Glimmersteel lump 89,23 0,35kg ; 3,5s

Glimmersteel lump 87,19 0,35kg ; 3,5s

Rare Glimmersteel lump 85,54 0,34kg ; 3,5s

Rare Glimmersteel lump 86 0,35kg ; 3,5s

Rare Glimmersteel lump 84,08 0,09kg ; 1s

Adamantine lump 87,49 0,34kg ; 2,5s

Adamantine lump 85,61 0,35kg ; 2,5s

Adamantine lump 84,51 0,34kg ; 2,5s

Adamantine lump 69,06 0,31kg ; 2,2s

Adamantine lump 90,91 0,35kg ; 2,7s

Rare Hatchet 9ql ; 4s

Rare Pickaxe 8ql ; 4s

Rare Butchering Knife 9ql ; 4s

Rare Large Anvil 66ql ; 

Mask of the returner 93ql ; 4s

And more...ask in pm :-) 

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Rare Large Anvil 66ql ; 

[17:23:02] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.


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