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[PvE] Iron Nexus (4k Map, x2 Skill/Action, Modded)

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General Info
Server Name: Iron Nexus
Direct Connect IP:


Discord to chat in-game, from anywhere!
Kingdom: Freedom Isles

Community Events!

  • Initial 11x11 Deed is Free
  • Upkeep Costs
  • Limit 1 per Steam ID

Map Date: January 26, 2018

Restarts: Weekly - Monday 6AM EST


  • 50,000
    • Hostile: 60%
  • More Creatures
  • Tameable Drakes


  • x2 Skill Gain
  • x2 Action Timers
  • 10 Fight Skill
  • 20 Starter Characteristics
    • 21 Mind Logic
  • 4.5 Hour Crop Timer



  1. Survival Mod
    • Drinking Water & Weather
  2. InBreed Warning
  3. Quality Damage Tooltips
  4. Fire Burn Time
  5. Harvest Helper
  6. Deed Mod
    • Prevents Deed Exploits
  7. Bounty
  8. Salve Mod
    • Displays Power in item name
  9. Spell Mod
    • No Priest Restrictions
  10. Sacrifice Mod
    • Chance to receive bone in exchange for sacrifice
  11. Offspring Names
  12. Hitch Limits
    • Hitch Anything
  13. Taxidermy
  14. Highway Portals
  15. Drake Mounts
    • Find Friendly Drakes to either Ride or use to pull your Carts!
  16. Surface Mining Fix
    • Every action lowers Slope
  17. Treasure Maps
    • Find Treasure Maps to locate rare Treasures on the map!



Always open to more suggestions! :)


Support Us!

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The first Wild-Drakes were found last night! Congratulations Este, we're all so Jealous!HVp5yfx.jpg

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