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Greetings twentyeighteenians of Wurm!


In this new year we have a change coming for those of us who enjoy the PVP side of things.   It is no secret that there are those abusing various alternate player avatars for meta-PVP fight skill, and there is also the issue of abuse pertaining to killing alternate player accounts purely for affinities, so called 'affinity farming'.  Changes are coming that will counter that activity very soon with the upcoming updates to the game.


The new system will introduce measures against extreme abuse as well as create a new way for players to gain affinities both on PvP and PvE servers. These changes are expected to come into the game by the end of January.


Until those changes are enacted we will be watching for anyone orchestrating ‘meta-PVP’ slayings for fight skill and affinity farming.  Anyone found to be doing this vile ‘meta-PVP’ activity shall be banned!


We have never been too thrilled with the ways a few people find to ‘game’ the system such as making deals with people to farm them for their affinities, or using VPN’s or proxies to the same ends.


If it is not genuine PVP activity then do not expect us to look on it very fondly.


As I said above, anyone working these kinds of ‘meta-PVP’ schemes for fightskill and affinity farming will be immediately banned from Wurm Online.


Thank you,

Wurm Online Team

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