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Bashing bonus not applied on house walls

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I'm not sure this is or isn't intended, it feels like a side effect of permissions changes in time though. On Release, we have a deed with a cathedral building, which I personally consider one of the wonders of Wurmworld. This huge building, all in stone, with its walls and bridges and fences, has taken a lot of work, and we want for a while to remake it all in marble. Since the marble walls exist, and a cathedral must be in marble, you know. :) One by one, wall by wall. The mayor has already replaced many walls, and many are remaining. Please see the pics attached.


My toon is a villager on this deed. It has permissions to modify the building, like our other friends part of the deed. We are trying to help with this undertaking. I made marble bricks and got hold of mortar, and went to replace several more walls. Using a large maul 85ql:


[19:28:31] You start to destroy the wall.
[19:29:00] You damage the wall.

[19:29:03] Material plain stone
[19:29:03] You see a wall.
[19:29:03] QL=76.05859, dam=3.546775


This means my toon doesn't have the bashing bonus on house walls. But, it does on fences: similar ql stone fences, in the same deed, took only several hits.


Tested on another deed, on Indy, to understand why this happened. As a citizen, owner of a house and with all permissions on it, you can bash its walls, but don't get the bonus:

[22:27:02] You damage the wall.
[22:27:05] Material sandstone
[22:27:05] You see a wall.
[22:27:05] QL=55.569897, dam=0.7834529


In the same time, on fences, you have the bonus:

[22:33:24] QL=47.936806, dam=0.0
[22:33:41] You damage a sandstone fence.
[22:33:44] You see a strong fence.
[22:33:44] QL=47.936806, dam=53.08935


Once the citizen has "Destroy All Buildings" on deed permission, then it gets the bashing bonus on house walls too:

[22:35:32] You damage the wall.
[22:35:35] Material sandstone
[22:35:35] You see a wall.
[22:35:35] QL=55.559513, dam=48.546318


Please consider fixing this. The way we expected it to work is: if you're citizen and can destroy a building's walls, then you get the bashing bonus. Whether you can destroy those walls due to modify permission on house (my Release case), or due to Destroy All Buildings on deed permission (the last Indy case), shouldn't matter...


It would mean a lot for our major mission on Release. Currently, the mayor isn't playing, too, so even if we wanted we can't mess around with permissions there. I'm also sure we absolutely didn't even dream that "modify building" wouldn't be ok for the task. The mayor assigned them to be used when we need, and since we are citizens, I do think there's no good reason why we wouldn't replace those walls the same way we already do fences. Please see the pics, all those stone walls scream "I don't belong here, make me shiny marble!" :)







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PS: this could work also by replacing the walls directly, like another command to replace without bashing them first. I wouldn't mind if that is the case, if there's a reason people see, why a citizen wouldn't bash house walls as fast as fences. It could be a solution, better than "Destroy All Buildings on Deed", which is really quite a different thing.

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To get the bashing bonus on deed you also need "Destroy any Buildings". 


I was hoping that being the owner of the building would grant you the bashing bonus. But was told and it tested true. You need "Destroy any building.".

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Please fix this.  It is nuts to not allow citizens and owners of buildings to destroy walls in a few hits.

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