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FIXED > xmas gift saddle sacks are gone

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Ok I found my saddle sacks. Turns out a random motion moved them to my inventory just when my internet reset itself. This was not a saddle sack issue, just my internet crashed, then I was move/clicking around the screen, accidently must've moved my saddle sacks to my inventory just as my connection was dying.


Sorry for this post before I actually checked in my inventory.


I was traveling Spider Road, just killed a huge spider on Independence, at around M22 on ingame map. So I had my horse (Aged fat Honeysweet '5sCbcBrF 1st 8', branded to Cornersville) saddle open was gonna put stuff in her saddle sacks (the new xmas one). Just at that instant, my internet crashed. I lost connection was my ISP doing some sort of reset. I could not access internet for some moments.


When I logged back on my saddle sacks were gone. No longer on my horse.


So I logged out for lotime iaw CA recommendation. I logged back in, my saddle sacks are still gone.


I am so darned lucky they were empty.


Well this is my post. I have not submitted ticket yet, I guess I should have done that first. Oops.



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