2017 in review

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2017 Has been a big year for Wurm, coming off the end of the 1.3 update, we weren't going to rest on our laurels, and had lots of plans and projects in the works,


Wide tunnel entrances

Before this year, tunnels could only be one tile wide, making those canals and tunnels quite narrow. This change introduced a whole new dynamic, and I've seen some amazing places built around these entrances. this update came early in the year and 

New wall textures

One of the biggest housing updates this game has seen introduced six new wall materials, rounded stone, sandstone, slate, pottery brick, marble brick, and rendered walls. This opened up a lot more options in building, and deeds haven't looked the same since. 

Coming along slightly later were bridges in the new textures, as well as new floor paving with the materials too!


The almanac 

Ah, the old days of "anyone know what;s in season?" Asked in global chat are no more. With a handy book, players were able to research and know to the exact day which fruits were in harvest and quickly became invaluable to all foresters out there (Mine, a gift from Alikin never leaves my inventory!)


This update also saw the introduction of raspberry, blueberry and lingonberry bushes, which finally answers the question about where those berries come from when foraging! (Though the cocoa bean is still a mystery)


 Wurm cribs, underground edition
 In June, bridges were taken to the next level with major underground changes allowing bridges to be built in caves!
 That's not all though, this year saw the ability to clad reinforced walls and pave tiles underground, taking subterranean decorating to new highs (or is that lows?)



The new client
Long in the works, the unstable client finally launched as the full stable client, and Wurm has never looked better. With improved shading, lighting, options for improved performance and many other effects and changes, this client modernised Wurm in a way that lets us work towards the future in ways we had only hoped to see, and we're only just beginning...


The highway system
Getting lost got a lot harder with the introduction of the new highway system, stage 1 of the wagoner update. With players connecting deeds all over the server, a vast network began to form. Today you can find your path to any deed connected, regardless of distance (though I sometimes like to go off road for old times sake!)


Random Enkounters
One of the most fun additions this year has been Enki's random Enkounters, appearing across the Wurm world at random, pestering anyone in local with answers for his crossword puzzles, and rewarding the stunned players with random gifts. It's been a very entertaining addition and I'm keen on seeing more of it in 2018 (One day I might even get a turn!)



Racks on racks on racks
This year also saw ways to improve storage and inventory, with the small barrel rack, amphora rack, and wine barrel rack coming in 1.3, discussion started to move towards what else could be shoved in a rack. 

this brought about the crate rack, rack for empty bsbs, and the almighty bulk container unit. Despite storage space necessary in warehouses dropping massively, most wurmians just wound up stocking more in that space, you can never win...



The biggest update of the year landed early November, with the introduction of the wagoner, using the new highway system to deliver bulk goods and chat incessantly. 


Archaeology and restoration

Adding not one, but two new skills to the game, this update brought in a way to find out more info about old deeds in your area, and find cool new statues and items too. 

Archaeology allowed players to explore their lands, and find who came before them, and how long they were around for (I've found several deeds founded at the launch of independence) with restoration focusing on piecing the fragments found back together, adding random enchants and runes if lucky! 





Epic proportions
Epic also received major changes with this update, increasing skill-gain and faster actions, as well as skills transferring to freedom and vice versa, this really opened epic up came with the major Valrei overhaul, removing player gods from the board, adding awesome god fights, and rebuilding the mission system from the ground up


The dust from 1.6 is still settling, and the new year will doubtless come with some tweaks and adjustments, but these additions have all been massive in their own individual right, adding them all in one update was a huge undertaking, and a lot of fun to see launch.


Saddle(bag) up!

Finishing up the year is one of the longest running suggestions, saddlebags! And not only that, the awesome saddle sacks as Christmas gifts came in too, meaning you can store things on your horse in style!




And more...

There's been a huge host of miscellaneous changes, including:

  • blessed lamp functionality on highways.
  • Unicorn gear.
  • Hell horse colours.
  • Siege weapon overhaul.
  • Mining random slopes are now reduced by skills.
  • Shrinking of olive and chestnut trees.
  • Epic structures being freely built on freedom.
  • Competition for three new tapestries (all awesome).
  • Pendulums now find traitors.

It's been a big year, and we've got even bigger plans for 2018, with work continuing on animal crates, returning wood textures, and lots lots more.




Until then though, have a safe and happy new years, don't drink and drive carts, and as always, keep on Wurming!


Retrograde & the Wurm team.

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An impressive amount changed over the last year. May not always agree with all changes, but i'm glad wurm continues to evolve and change for the better overall. Thanks for the hardwork by the devs! (pssst how about mammoths)

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What a year its been is putting mildly .

Its been a blast with all the new things added even so random things .... Enki wise....:rolleyes:


Cant wait for wood textures to be back and maybe even some angled fencing or walls ...hint! Hint!   :ph34r:

Strange I find so much has improved since Rolf is on brake , enjoy you're vacation Rolfy old boy , things are doing fine but we still miss you...


Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year ...


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Amazing to see the amount of changes put into perspective. Here's to any naysayers.

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Happy New Years Wurmians!


Best year in wurm imo :)  Thanks for everything, and keep on wurming everyone.

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Until then though, have a safe and happy new years, don't drink and drive carts, and as always, keep on Wurming!

Also my recommendation: don't drink and build dirtwalls. I've tried it, the tally is 6 falls from almost 300 slopes yesterday...


Thank you for all the work to keep us entertained! Textures returning will be a major thing...


Happy New Year to all!

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An excellent post Retrograde! Most impressive to read all these additions to the game this year laid out in the manner that you have done, as it once again brings them to the forefront of the imagination of what has been and may be yet to come. Surely they have been put to good use with the creativity of many Wurmanites as can be seen across the lands. I am sure Rolf must be quite pleased as well to see and realize what good hands (and minds) he has left his game under the care of. Almost as if it had been planned. Imagine that!




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Another great year from Wurm! A huge thanks to all the developers for all the work they have done. With all the changes over the years, the saying "this is not your grandfather's Wurm" has never been more true!


Looking forward to the additions this year!

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On 12/31/2017 at 3:39 PM, Xalorum said:

Those ship sails....


And the shields on the knarrs :)

Edited by syncaidius

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