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2 hours ago, Jerone0601 said:

I love the work you have done here. I am not utilizing the portal portion of the new generator because we just have to many portals and towers. Adding them all is just going to make it seem super cluttered. But that is just personal preference on how our map looks. I may modify it so it pulls our new caravan stations but not sure yet since that could easily get cluttered up as well. 


I just have 8k map :)

After1st map render in web user can to disable markers. 

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On 1/10/2018 at 3:06 AM, Jerone0601 said:

Adding them all is just going to make it seem super cluttered.

Users can toggle layers on and off using the options in the sidebar. I might add some more settings to configure which layers are on by default.


On 1/10/2018 at 3:06 AM, Jerone0601 said:

I may modify it so it pulls our new caravan stations

Is this an existing mod or something custom on the server? If it's (based on) an existing mod I'd love to add it into the core mapgen.


On 1/9/2018 at 7:47 PM, DiWorm said:

Send you files in PM

Thanks! I'll have a look.

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@DiWormI think I identified the issue, it was an old database query that didn't work correctly. I've published a new release on Github (v2.3.3), could you try it and let me know if it loads all the towers now?

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V:\wurm\_mg>java -Xmx10g -jar WurmMapGen.jar --verbose
WurmMapGen v2.3.3
      Developed and maintained by woubuc
      Based on original code by garrett94
      More info: github.com/woubuc/WurmMapGen

      Properties file: V:\wurm\_mg\WurmMapGen.properties
      Template directory: V:\wurm\_mg\template
      Verbose logging enabled

      Loading properties file
      Map path: V:/wurm/PvE
      Save path: C:/servers/_scripts/wurm_map
   OK Loaded properties file

Create temp file copies
      Created directory C:\Users\836D~1\AppData\Local\Temp\2\WurmMapGen\15157752
      Loading required files
      Copying files to temp directory
      -> top_layer.map
      -> wurmzones.db
      -> wurmzones.db-wal
      -> wurmzones.db-shm
      -> wurmitems.db
      -> wurmitems.db-wal
      -> wurmitems.db-shm
      -> wurmplayers.db
      -> wurmplayers.db-wal
      -> wurmplayers.db-shm
      -> modsupport.db
   OK Temp files copied

Open Wurm MeshIO connection
 эт 12, 2018 7:40:29 PM com.wurmonline.mesh.MeshIO open
INFO: C:\Users\836D~1\AppData\Local\Temp\2\WurmMapGen\1515775229508\top_layer.ma
p size is 268436480
   OK MeshIO connection opened

Open db connections
      Connecting to wurmzones.db
   OK Connection established
      Connecting to wurmitems.db
   OK Connection established
      Connecting to wurmplayers.db
   OK Connection established
      Connecting to modsupport.db
   OK Connection established
   OK Database connections opened

Map generation
      Creating images directory C:\servers\_scripts\wurm_map\images
   OK Images directory created
      Server map size: 8192 x 8192
      Interactive map tile size: 256 x 256
      -> Generating map tiles: 99%   OK Generated 32 map tiles in 627962ms

Template assets
      Copying directory app
      Copying directory css
      Copying directory data
      Copying directory dist
      Copying directory includes
      Copying directory markers
   OK Template asset files copied

      Assembling template data
      Compiling index.html
   OK Rendered index.html

JSON Config data
      Writing C:\servers\_scripts\wurm_map\data\config.json
   OK Created config.json

PHP config data
      Writing C:\servers\_scripts\wurm_map\includes\config.php
   OK Created config.php

Village data
      Loading villages from wurmzones.db
   OK Loaded data for 50 villages
      Writing C:\servers\_scripts\wurm_map\data\villages.json
   OK Created villages.json

Guard tower data
      Loading modded template IDs from modsupport.db
      -> org.takino.tower.Jenn-Kellon (22709)
      -> org.takino.tower.Mol-Rehan (22708)
      -> org.takino.tower.Horde of the Summoned (22707)
   OK Loaded 3 mod templates
      Loading guard tower items from wurmitems.db
      -> Tower IDs: [384, 430, 528, 638, 996, 22709, 22708, 22707]
   OK Loaded data for 57 guard towers
      Writing C:\servers\_scripts\wurm_map\data\guardtowers.json
   OK Created guardtowers.json

Portal data
      Loading portal items from wurmitems.db
      -> Portal IDs: [603, 604, 605, 637, 606, 607, 732, 733, 855, 4002, 4003, 4004, 4010, 4011, 4015]
   OK Loaded data for 0 portals
 SKIP No portals found

Close db connections
      Disconnecting from wurmzones.db
   OK Connection closed
      Disconnecting from wurmitems.db
   OK Connection closed
      Disconnecting from wurmplayers.db
   OK Connection closed
      Disconnecting from modsupport.db
   OK Connection closed
   OK Database connections closed

Close Wurm MeshIO connection
   OK Connection closed

Remove temp file copies
   OK Temp directory deleted

Map generated in 630520 ms

Yep! Towers work now :) http://wurm-map.gamecoma.ru/

But still cant add 5000id for portals :)

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Adding custom IDs is on the roadmap, you'll have to wait a bit longer :) I wanted to get the bug with the towers fixed first.

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