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Looking for new Neighbors on a island on Xanadu

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There are two other nice places next to my deed on the island. My two neighbors both quit Wurm. We have a Mountain, with a very nice view here. Some skills like digging, mining would be very useful here. You are far away from the starting points. The next three starting points nearly have the same travel time. West corner is the nearest end of the world.

If you not want to found your own deed, you are also welcome to live in one of my houses. I can provide you a free bed and some basic tools.


The future plans:

Connect the island to the main lands with a bridge

Build a Highway on the main lands to the next highway

Make more space on the island(Build hanging gardens, Cut down the top of the mountain a bit, to get a shared Farm for trees or other stuff


As you see i love terraforming, if you not like a 300 slope dirt wall, the island would be the wrong place for you


Any questsions?

/t udonne hey

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