WTA Supremes and Rare Enkounter Loot!

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All items are "Created" by Enki as prizes for out completion of yesterdays Enkounter. Yes all items are impable.


1. Supreme Small Bucket (Birchwood): 65q

Starting Bid: 4s

Min bid increase: 50c

Reserve: 5s

Buyout 10s


2. Supreme Needle (Iron): 89q

Starting Bid: 5s

Min bid increase: 50c

Reserve: 6s

Buyout 12s




3. Rare Butchering Knife (Iron): 77q

Starting Bid: 3s

Min bid increase: 50c

Reserve: 4s

Buyout 8s


All Auctions Have a 1 hour sniper protection.

The auction will go on for 5 days



Happy Bidding!

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