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Welcome to Delish.


Most of the Deli people have heard me ranting and raving about surface mining, dirt, mortar, bricks... etc!... for months now. The project were intended to be completed in September - but issues cropped up and real life got in the way. (Pesky responsibilities, what are they good for anyway.)


But now, FINALLY, the deed is in the state I call "done for now". There are lots of little things that could still be done, like raising the ocean for more market stall space, or putting roofs on the buildings. The tasks are endless, and they will be worked on over time, but now has come the time to invite you all - the Wurmians - to come both sell and buy.


So, you may wonder, what's the deal with Delish? Why another marketplace?


It's simple. I placed the deed in a server corner (Specifically the South East corner, T23 on the in game map) on the smallest size map available for the simple reason of ease of travel with the border mechanics. The deed also have a major sign board, making it very hard to pass even remotely close to the deed and miss it. (Disclaimer; depends on your structure render distance.)


The theme is simply ease of access. That's what I believe almost all other markets lack currently - being either landlocked, or being on Xandu.



There were a huge amount of effort involved. I could not have done it by myself. So here is a list of people I have to thank for showing up and helping out:

  • Mani
  • Odynn
  • Delightfuldee
  • Darmalus
  • Mrcoolman
  • Karidwen
  • Yaga
  • Xxxpoisonxxx
  • Epryss
  • Garfius


The market comes with a public Wagoner and a small magic chest which serves high quality food for free. There is a 99 power runed mailbox. And finally, we're connected to the Deliverance highway network!


Welcome, shoppers. Welcome, sellers.

Jberg (Owner)

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6 hours ago, Tpikol said:

¿T23? so this is on the north east of the pendelton peninsula?




P.d:  Are you coming back to Wurm online? Vas a regresar a Wurm Online?.



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This place is very cool and well positioned. I was just passing by, minding my own business, when I saw the big DELISH. :) So stopped for a look. Somehow I ended up with a rake, and hours of ccfp from a pizza over there.


I am always amazed at what people can do in wurm when they put their mind to it. That is clear here, the place is simple to understand and navigate, it's a market and nicely near border, but it has also this unbelievably cool terraforming for the letters which man, take yer eye :)


Now if you'll excuse me, I will likely cross border near those coordinates again, I didn't get to finish the pizza...

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