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Fatigue Powder: A way to earn more money

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Hi there,


Before i come to the actual suggestion, i tell why I run into a severe fatigue problem in this game.

I got a severe mental disorder (I'm treaded by a doctor) which leads to the simple fact that i can't 

enjoy reallife like other people. I tried hard for decades, but the only results where desparation and

sadness. I had to accept that fact and so Computer games are the only resort I have.


For I'm a very dedicated person I usally tend to only play one game at a time, and cause most games

can't hold me for long I stumbled over Wurm and i really love this one.

For no real-life I play 16 hours a day (98% on keyboard, rest afk), only exceptions are eating and sleeping.

So with 8 hours of fatigue every day i run into a severe problem.


Today is saturday, weekend, and at 1Pm i got the message: You have 0 seconds left.

You don't have to tell me i can fight/meditate/cook or play a alt character. I know.

But like said before, I'm very dedicated. So if i want to grind a skill, I only want to grind this skill 

and nothing else. Games are for me about Freedom of Choice what  todo with my playtime and

I'm simply not amused when the game tells me: Go do something else.


Ok, i heard two reasons for the fatigue system:

1. against botters. (Come on every botter simply makes 3 chars and can bot happily around the clock)

2. to remove the advantage of players that have too much time (Now, simply do a priest alt, if its "advantage" your looking at)


For me the fatigue system simply tells me: You are not allowed to play the way you want for the next 2 hours till we give you one hour more.


So here would be my idea for a simple solution 

Add "fatigue powder" that gives 1h fatigue back to the player and add it to the NPC merchant for 5 silver coins.


No Botter would ever pruchase 1 bot hour for 5 Euro, simple.

I think no one would see "an advantage" when someone purchases 1 hour of fatigue for 5 silver coins.

It's just foolish, but i would be the one fool that would purchase one hour of enjoyment of his own playstyle for 5 Euro. Ya, I would do that.


Thinking about the 16h i play each day, only I would spent between 10-40 silver coins more every month. Ya, I know I'm a fool.

And perhaps I'm not the only one.


So, stage is open for anyone :) Enjoy.



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I can well sympathize with this problem as a member of the oft out of /fatigue myself.  I'm in the -+1 opinion bracket. +1 Need a way to boost fatigue levels. -1 Paying to simply unlock our toons that we already pay prem for is beyond stupid imo. When asked about it Rolf said "Fatigue is there to allow the rest of wurm to catch up to people who have too much time to play". Perhaps he/the devs would care to reconsider that stance?

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The fatigue system is archaic and should be done away with, Wurm has not exactly got an abundance of players anymore and punishing the ones that are left is stupid. If someone wants to sit there grinding away on a skill  24/7 then so be it, It does not affect me or my playstyle. +1

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6 minutes ago, Pingpong said:

 When asked about it Rolf said "Fatigue is there to allow the rest of wurm to catch up to people who have too much time to play".


Now here the point is "Advantage over other players". Now simple, if i want to spend my 16h most useful to gain advantage i would roll 2 chars the same time. 1 regular, 1 priest. Gives more advantage than me grinding a skill.


But for sure, lot of playtime and dedication give an advantage, but i guess i'm already far enough to already have it in this skill. 

But to reach my goal i need 12h grinding more, but it turns to be 36 hours with fatigue system.

2 hours waiting - 1 hour playing - 2 hours waiting - 1 hour playing. (ok it relaxes bit tomorrow, thanks to sleeping)


I'm currently here with this suggestion, to not run into the "2 hours waiting" again to soon.

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Remove fatigue then you have to remove spells that convert fatigue to Sleep Bonus.   It's not that simple, folks.


If your going to pull this off topic at least support your statement with something to fix it.... in a seperate thread.


+1 OP, why not :)

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fatigue feels pretty crap. It doesn't allow new players to catch up because it stops them too, and if a person pays for 2 months of premium and doesn't have the choice to play 2 months straight, feels like its slightly ripping that person off. If the fatigue system to to stop bot-ers, then it shouldn't just kick people off for reaching that time. It should just send a notification to staff that a player has been performing actions for a long period of time so they could be checked at that moment.


-1 to making players who spend 16hours a day playing spend 5 euros for fatigue powder, they already payed for the 2 months of premium time.

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Fatigue definitely is an annoyance, I've yet to encounter it but am sure I will. I fully agree with this, Ideally i'd rather you were monitored instead of being prevented, but if they really can't afford to have people moderate their players then the addition of a Fatigue powder is completely acceptable to me.

They would get more funding, whatever implements fatigue is suppose to solve would most likely remain in place, and most importantly dedicated players like yourselves wouldn't be roadblocked by it.


Being interrupted before you can complete something is extremely aggravating and remains on your mind constantly until you can finish it, or at least it does for me, the should definitely allow an alternative around it.

It's is true about the spells converting fatigue to sleep bonus, but from what I am aware of that spells only works every 30 minutes? and is only 1 minute of sleep bonus per 5 minutes fatigue?


+1 The request is a valid concern, and supportive of the game.

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